Since 1996 AFtrans international S.L. is a member agent of the CASS (Cargo Accounts Settlement Systems), which allows us to provide air transport services from Spain and the rest of the world through all the IATA companies that operate on routes through international airspace.

Our status as a member of the CASS agent has a directly beneficial effect for you: less administrative management and savings in costs and freight for shipments made in Spanish territory. At Aftrans we guarantee fast and efficient shipping of your goods.


With departures from any national and international port, at AFtrans Internacional S.L. We have access to maritime routes with the immediacy and volume that you need. Our status as Majorcans dedicated to the freight transport sector makes us, due to our experience, a leading company in matters related to maritime cargo.

In AFtrans international S.L. We are knowledgeable and experts in container management in Spain, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and other countries in the world, thus ensuring a highly efficient national and international maritime transport service. Our network of agents throughout Asia, South America and the Caribbean makes us one of the leading companies in imports and exports in these countries.

In AFtrans international S.L. We are aware of the value of each merchandise. That is why we provide import and export services appropriate to the reality of your shipment that justify the trust that companies and users of AFtrans Internacional S.L. place in us.

Our service levels depend on each operation, some of these being consolidation, deconsolidation, the physical protection of your merchandise and the organization of routes. Aftrans works every day to offer you the best national and international groupage service.


Thanks to our complete correspondent system, with correspondents in all the provincial capitals of Spain, and our warehouses in Barcelona and Madrid, we provide land transport services throughout the national territory for containers, groupage and full loads.

If the cargo is not in Mallorca, AFtrans Internacional S.L. provides an intermediary service that is sure to be of interest to you: we carry out collections at any point in Spain with destination anywhere in the national territory, as well as storage and logistics solutions, for all Incoterms, including the transport of dangerous goods.


Our knowledge of the value of our clients' goods helps us to effectively manage the characteristics of the goods we transport (density, fragility, expiration date, dangerousness...) and for this we provide a storage service in Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona appropriate to the requirements of each commodity.

In addition, our storage and stock management services in Mallorca and the rest of the world are carried out through a computer ordering tool that enables comprehensive management of the goods being stored and that our customers can use electronically at any time for their greater comfort. In AFtrans international S.L. We are specialists in logistics solutions and we put at your disposal a wide range of functions at the service of your needs.

Some of the jobs that we usually carry out are physical distribution operations, reception of goods, picking and transport in Mallorca, in national and international territory, pallet management, load preparation, dispatch and final delivery. In AFtrans international S.L. We don't set limits. Each client requires an individualized study of their case and a personalized solution that we provide after assessing the needs that each situation demands.


We are part of a network of freight forwarders worldwide (Octopus Freight Network) made up of more than 200 companies encompassed in all continents. All the companies included in this network are regulated in terms of the quality of services and regulations. Therefore, we can offer practically any route worldwide to our clients with an adequate service at a competent price.